Grievance Redressal Mechanism

MaxPe takes customer grievances seriously and has a robust mechanism in place to address them. Users who wish to file a grievance can do so by calling our helpline number or emailing us at [email protected] . Once we receive a grievance, we will acknowledge receipt of the same and begin an investigation into the matter. We will provide regular updates to the user throughout the investigation process, and we will ensure that the grievance is resolved within 30 days of receipt.

Escalation Matrix

If the user is not satisfied with the resolution provided, they can escalate the matter to our customer service manager by emailing [email protected] . If the issue is still not resolved, they can escalate it to our grievance redressal officer by emailing at [email protected] . The grievance redressal officer will investigate the matter further and provide a final resolution within 30 days of receipt.

Customer Service

MaxPe provides customer service through our helpline number and email. Users can reach out to us for assistance with their grievances at any time. We will ensure that all customer service representatives are trained to handle grievances effectively.

Report a Fraud:

In case of any fraudulent or unauthorised transaction the customer can directly report to [email protected] or can call the helpline no. 7390903230.


To file a grievance, users must provide transaction IDs, date and time of transaction, and other relevant details. We will investigate the matter thoroughly based on the information provided, and we will require users to provide additional information or documentation if necessary.

Regular Review

We will review this policy regularly to ensure its effectiveness and update it as necessary to reflect changes in our operations or regulations.